Factory Facts


98” running B, C and B/C doublewall with take off to Stratis Sleeves keeping loads cleaner with less waste

Design Lab

In the design lab a Gerber 3000 and Data Technology CADCAM’s running Ashlar Rule® design software facilitate container design and the rapid generation of precision-cut samples. Laboratory function's including edge and ring crush testing are performed daily using the Lorentzen Wettre® test equipment. All of our test equipment including the factory’s measuring calipers are calibrated to an ISO standard annually

Roll Pit

Linerboard and corrugating medium is tested for strength and checked for appearance before being approved for processing. Key manufactures containers in a wide range of widths and grades from both white and kraft linerboard. And if going green is on your agenda we can also guarantee you a container made of excellent 100% recycled containerboard for no additional charge


The automated platen of the latest electric PLC fed 4 head Signode® bar code reading banders controls banding pressure and ensures that Key's pallet loads are consistently "tight"

Water Treatment

A Beckart® state-of-the-art water purification system filters our plant’s wash up water to a high degree of purity

Flexo Department

The two dimensions specify the largest sheet that can run through the machine

  • 1) 66X115 Four Color Rotary Die Cutter

    Auto pre-feed with full vacuum transfer plus dwell section minimizes dust and tightens registration

  • 2) 60X140 Two Color Flexo Folder Gluer.

    We’ve got you covered with one of the largest Flexo’s capable of bundling inline

  • 3) 50X 113 Two Color Flexo Folder Gluer with Die Cutter

    Auto pre-feed with load former. This delivery system is important because it allows the crews to work smarter and safer

  • 4) 39X98 Four Color Flexo Folder Gluer with Die Cutter

    Auto pre-feed with fully automatic palletizing you’ve got to see to believe. Full vacuum transfer plus dwell section so printed sheets float into the slotting section increasing print accuracy and minimizing dust

  • 5) 38X78 Two Color Flexo Folder Gluer

    Auto pre-feed with load former

All of Key’s Flexo’s have Mosca Sonic squaring bundlers for tight bundles and Lazer Engraved Ceramic Anilox Rolls in 220 to 250 count for consistent industrial print across all platforms

Key also utilizes Stratis Sleeve docking stations which allow a much safer work environment and waste fewer sheets in conversion